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with clean ingredients and stereotype-free self-care.
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LaMaria celebrates women over 30 by supporting natural hormonal changes with elegant, effective skin love. As you fully and deeply experience a life of becoming, we combine scientific research, sensuous design and plant nutrient power to tailor luscious skin wellness to your timeline, honoring the beauty of your journey as it unfolds.

Our Story

An ob/gyn dedicated to women’s wellbeing, Dr. Manuela Maria Vazquez was underwhelmed with the options for patients experiencing vaginal dryness. She wanted to recommend something better than products filled with unnatural chemicals, unproven ingredients and harmful taboos. In order to do that, she had to create them.

She set out to found a different kind of wellness brand—one that honors, respects and celebrates changes in a woman’s life by providing clean, effective and luxurious skin nourishment for all we go through and grow through.

In her research, she discovered phytoestrogens, plant nutrient compounds with amazing estrogen-mimicking capabilities. Stimulating the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, they work with the body to create healthy, hydrated skin. Infusing these compounds into deeply nourishing formulas, she put this groundbreaking plant power to work for women.

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Our Story

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The Botany of Beauty

Natural Science Skincare

As estrogen production winds down in your thirties and beyond, LaMaria puts nature back on your side with high-quality ingredients and a powerful blend of phytoestrogens: estrogen-mimicking plant nutrient compounds scientifically shown to stimulate collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin production for healthy, vibrant skin. 

of Love

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Dr. Manuela Maria Vazquez’s mother, Maria, taught her that beauty is a strong sense of self-worth that radiates from within, best honored by taking fabulous care of ourselves. By prioritizing women’s wellbeing, she inspired Dr. Vazquez to become an ob/gyn. Maria’s legacy of confidence continues to nurture the women of her family who bear her name—three generations of Marias—including Dr. Vazquez’s three daughters. LaMaria is the hope that all women will discover what Dr. Vazquez’s mother instilled—beauty is the blossoming of self-love. With this collection, we honor her story: the self-love of a lifetime, in full bloom.