Beauty through the ages.

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A Deeper Way to 
Nourish Your Skin.

Designed for a lifetime of health, hydration and glow.

Support your beauty, Honor your Journey.
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We make skincare that’s obsessed with you, not youth.

Get all the skin love you need in your thirties and beyond.

We’re not anti-aging. In fact, we’re all about it, creating skincare to help you do it exceptionally well. Designed by our female founder ob/gyn, our clean formulations are infused with plant nutrient compounds proven to restore collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin for healthy, glowing skin.

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Natural Science

Phytoestrogens: Plant nutrients that work with your body to produce collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin for healthy, glowing skin.

Because, now and always, beauty belongs to you.
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Our Story

An ob/gyn dedicated to women’s wellbeing, Dr. Manuela Maria Vazquez refused to continue recommending products filled with unnatural chemicals, unproven ingredients and harmful taboos to patients experiencing vaginal dryness. She set out to found a different kind of brand—one that honors, respects and celebrates changes in a woman’s life by providing clean, effective and luxurious skin love for all we go through and grow through.

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your authentic beauty.